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Break free from analysis paralysis and one-size-fits-all solutions.

No DIY courses or instagram gurus.

Build is help to grow with a difference.

On-Demand Mentorship & Accountability

A mature black woman with short black hair confidently poses for the camera with her arms folded in a co-working space. Her welcoming smile suggests a comfortable and productive workspace environment.

Did you know? A mentor can increase your success rate by up to 70%.

Research proves mentorship boosts ambition and turnover.

Build's 1:1 support foundation helps achieve personalised growth, providing focus, consistency, and accountability to achieve more with less effort.

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Coaching for small businesses with BIG ambition.

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Accountability and community to help your business soar

Join a monthly peer group led by Executive Coaches and specialists to unlock your potential and achieve extraordinary results.

In the image, a diverse group of entrepreneurs collaborates at a table. The woman on the left has long hair and a mixed race, the man in the middle wears a long sleeved gingham shirt with long hair pulled back in a bun, and the man on the right has short hair and wears an earring, representing a range of ethnicities and styles.
A mature black woman with short black hair confidently poses for the camera with her arms folded in a co-working space. Her welcoming smile suggests a comfortable and productive workspace environment.

Future-proof your business with Positive Intelligence®️

Brain Gym is rocket fuel for Founders. Powered by Positive Intelligence®️ (PQ), a transformative practice used to create exceptional sales teams and C-Suite leaders.

The average salesperson at L'Oréa sold £72,000 more with this peak performance coaching.

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Your Pathway To Progress

Accelerate your business growth with expert guidance, community and skills.

1:1 Mentorship

Build a better business with personalised support

peer group support

Maximise your success with Build's peer group support. Curated groups of 6-8 founders. Meet monthly. Online.

Masterclasses & Training

Level up your skills with expert-led training and workshops. Quarterly - online and offline.


Mental Fitness and strategy to accelerate your growth.
Optional Extra.

"Practical solutions from people who truly know their stuff."

That's how members describe Build.
Here are other kind words that we've heard over the years...

"Nigel's guidance helped us pivot during Covid-19. We adapted to continue serving customers and achieve growth, despite 70% of our business disappearing." - Alice Rendell, Edgcumbes.
"Inspiration Space is where I broaden my horizons and think beyond the tunnel vision of building day-to-day. I've learned how to steer my business through the constant winds of change."
- Janine Esbrand, Lightbox Coaching
"Liana Fricker is the spreader of inspiration across the startup world." - Lucy Woolfenden, The Scale Up Collective
"I can honestly say that if I had access to Inspiration Space five and a half years ago, my business would be in a much different place."

- Katherine Ray, Talentology
"I never could have got Vesta to this point without Inspiration Space. I felt like I had experienced, input, insight, ideas and structure from people who know what they're talking about."
- Charlotte Melia, Dazzle & Fizz
Value-Added Benefits

Tools You Can Use To Do More With Less

Speed up impact, save time and money with Build. Get digital solution discounts, explore our innovation hub, and get inspired with high energy events.

deals & discounts

Focus on progress with affordable digital solutions. Compliance + engagement made easy and fun.

expert network

Access freelancers, advisors and consultants who live, breathe and lead the low-carbon economy.

new opportunities

Make purpose profitable in our innovation lab. Open the door to government tenders, funding and new markets.

renewable energy

Stay inspired and accountable with access to exclusive Build events, experiences, collaborations and more

Ready to take the next step?

grow your way

Build Your Business Knowledge and Network for Success.

Elevate your skills with Build's expert training, mentorship, and peer group. Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, receive support, and achieve your goals with ease.

1:1 Mentoring

It's impossible to succeed without encouragement. Get help from an expert entrepreneur to achieve your goals. Receive guidance, skill-sharing, and valuable contacts from supportive mentors for business growth.

Peer Group Learning

Connect with fellow entrepreneurs and receive support from Build's Peer Group. Benefit from advice and accountability to help you succeed, with monthly meetings led by a forum leader and peers.


Elevate your business acumen with Build's training. Learn financial planning, sales and marketing, and operational innovation from industry leaders. Develop skills to make informed decisions, delegate responsibilities, and track KPIs.

Every entrepreneur makes this one mistake -
here's how to avoid it...

Spreading yourself too thin can cost opportunities, growth, and wealth.

That's why Build provides the tools to grow in an organised way, free from day-to-day distractions.

You work on your business by playing to your strengths.

We keep you motivated and accountable every step of the way.

If you're ready to move forward with focus and clarity - join Build today.

invest in your success

Build Better With Us

Invest your resources wisely with Build.

Get started for £467 + VAT.

Pay £1400 (incl. VAT)

Flexible Payment options
Pay £500 (incl. VAT) quarter, pause anytime.


Frequently asked questions.

Who can apply to Build and what does the application process involve?

Build is a welcoming community that embraces purpose-driven entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and experience levels.

There are four intake periods throughout the year: January, March, June, and September. This allows us to create a cohesive and supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs who can learn and grow together.

We encourage you to apply and experience the difference for yourself. www.build.theinspirationspace.co

How can Build help me grow my business?

Build's unique and comprehensive program provides you with the tools, resources, and support needed to grow your business in an organised and effective way.

You'll level up your skills through 1:1 mentorship, peer groups, and masterclasses and achieve extraordinary results. Brain Gym offers Positive Intelligence and strategy to accelerate your growth.

Our distraction-free space allows you to work on your business by playing to your strengths. Build can help you achieve your goals with the support, resources, and expertise needed for success. Join us and positively impact the world through your business.

What is the time and financial commitment required for Build?

The financial commitment for Build is £270 + VAT per quarter, or £750 + VAT when paying for the year in full. This includes access to the program, 1:1 mentorship, peer groups, masterclasses, and other resources and benefits.

We also offer the option to pay for the year upfront. It's important to note that our program is designed to help you achieve your business goals, so the investment you make is a step towards growth and success.

By joining Build, you'll have access to the tools, resources, and support you need to take your business to the next level.

Is Build suitable for both startups and established businesses?

Build is designed for established businesses that are either currently trading or in the process of launching. If you're a startup or someone with an idea you want to explore, we have a program called New Beginnings that may better suit your needs.

Build focuses on creating a diverse ecosystem rather than specialised groups. Our forums are curated to bring together like-minded individuals facing similar challenges or are in complementary industries.

How do the forums work? Are they different from peer group support?

Forums are HOW we provide peer group support. They provide a distraction-free space to work on your business by playing to your strengths.

You'll receive guidance from a knowledgeable forum leader and meet monthly with like-minded entrepreneurs for accountability and inspiration.

So, the forums are not different from peer group support - they are a key component of it.

Who will be in my forum, and how can I join it?

Your forum brings together a diverse group of 6-8 purpose-driven entrepreneurs in complementary industries who share similar challenges. We cultivate a supportive and collaborative environment where members can learn and grow together.

Once you complete the application process, pay your membership fee, and join the community, you join your forum. We recommend starting there if you still need to attend the Low Carbon Accelerator.

Access to our innovation lab and collaborations requires certification of carbon literacy.
As a forum member, you can connect with fellow members, engage in discussions, and receive guidance from your knowledgeable forum leader.

The forum provides a distraction-free space where you can work ON your business by playing to your strengths while receiving support and guidance every step.

What support is available to me as a Build member? How often can I have 1:1 mentorship sessions with a Build mentor?

Build offers on-demand 1:1 sessions with experienced mentors who act as a board of non-executive advisors, using their specific skills and strengths to help you overcome business challenges.

The frequency of these sessions will depend on your needs and goals. However, we limit members to six per quarter to ensure enough time to apply what you have learned.

Additionally, members can access peer groups, masterclasses, expert networks of low-carbon economy leaders, and exclusive deals on affordable digital solutions.

Build provides a distraction-free space to work on your business with like-minded entrepreneurs and supportive community members. Our goal is to support you every step of the way, no matter your business needs.

Is Brain Gym included with Build membership?

Brain Gym is an additional investment of £787 + VAT. The programme is 8-weeks and includes coaching and community accountability.

How can I join Build after completing Brain Gym?

If you've completed Brain Gym and are interested in joining Build, you can secure your space via the checkout page: www.build.theinspirationspace.co

We look forward to welcoming you to our community and supporting your continued growth as a purpose-driven entrepreneur.

Say hello to Build, a special support group rooted in the community that delivers unparalleled 1:1 support.

Get out of 'feast and famine' by creating a strategy around your business-building efforts. No quick fixes or magic formulas. We work with you consistently to increase profit so you quickly offload the aspects of running a business you don't like to make an impact and reach your goals.  

Inspiration Space is a one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial community. We aren't influencers or gurus - just a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs obsessed with your success.