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Our Story

Hurdles. Pitfalls. Closed doors. Business can be unnecessarily tough. Yes, not all ideas are created equally but; they all deserve the same opportunity to work.

We’re committed to breaking down the barriers to progress. Whether individual mindset, lack of experience,
knowledge or network.

At Inspiration Space, we use the power of creativity to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that keeps our world progressing.

Established in 2018, we create spaces that uncover untapped potential and deliver educational programmes to give each individual the best possible opportunity of success.

The brainchild of Venture Catalyst and Inspirer-in-Chief, Liana Fricker, our job is to hold the ladder while you confidently reach for more.

Community-powered support is how we create extraordinary results. Join us and grow beyond what you think is possible.

Unshakeable Ambition

Our mission is simple: empower people to achieve their full potential.
We believe that collaboration and creativity are the key to success and that opportunities and knowledge are best shared openly. Yes, not all ideas are created equally but; we believe they all deserve the same opportunity to work. At Inspiration Space our job is to hold the ladder while you confidently each for more. With expert mentorship, a supportive community, and access to the latest tools and resources, our quiet corner of the internet is where great leaders of the future work together to change the world today.

The Three Pillars of Progress

How we think about business in an ever-changing world.

start smart

It takes a village to raise a founder. Progress happens when people work together.

build better

Focus, mentorship and lifelong learning are key to business survival.

good growth

With entrepreneurship comes the responsibility of environmental stewardship.

kind words

Making magic happen since 2018

"Inspiration Space is a different type of energy and connectedness. It's the best group I've belonged to - and believe me,
I've tried a few. 😍👏"

- Claire Leigh, Two Ducks

"Inspiration Space makes me go beyond what I initially thought was possible. Such a wonderful morning! Thank you."

Adam Bond - The School of Drumming

Whenever you interact with Inspiration Space, something good happens as a result. I absolutely recommend 👌👌👌.

Bernadette Keane - A Table Outside

“Saying a little prayer of thanks for the opportunity. Thanksor being a true encourager - couldn't do it without Inspiration Space.”

-Beckie Denny -
The Charity Spark

Thanks so much for bringing us all together. Inspiration Space has been a beacon in the swirling storms of lockdown! 🥂😘✨ Love you all

- Clare Yarwood-White, Opal & Co

Without Inspiration Space, I would still be stuck in the same place, overwhelmed and comparing myself.

I didn't consider myself an entrepreneur before, and now I've placed myself in this space with confidence.

- Aga Kehinde, Vucanav

Our Team

Inspiration Space is lead by three dynamic entrepreneurs, each with their own superpower and successful track
record of experience.

partners & champions

Perfect for creators looking to build better and faster.

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