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Transform your business in 90 Days with New Beginnings.

Working for yourself can be tough. But it doesn't have to be.

When you're trying to turn a dream into a reality, obstacles and hurdles are to be expected. Yet, ordinary people create extraordinary companies every day.

So, what's getting in the way of your genius and causing you to struggle?

A mature black woman with short black hair confidently poses for the camera with her arms folded in a co-working space. Her welcoming smile suggests a comfortable and productive workspace environment.

You feel overwhelmed starting or pivoting your business.

You're passionate and driven, but taking the first step or changing direction can be daunting. The options seem endless making difficult to know where to begin or how to adapt.

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You've tried to 'Do It Yourself' but you aren't getting results.

You've tried search engines, costly business coaches, and do-it-yourself programs, but nothing has provided the breakthrough you're seeking.

The advice you get is often too general and doesn't address your specific situation, leaving you feeling stuck and frustrated.

A mature black woman with short black hair confidently poses for the camera with her arms folded in a co-working space. Her welcoming smile suggests a comfortable and productive workspace environment.

You feel alone and exhausted.

Launching or pivoting a business can be an isolating journey. Without a network of supportive, like-minded people, you can feel overwhelmed and drained, struggling to make progress on your own.

meet SAM

She came to us for help to raise £10,000 to make a doll.

In just 90 days, Sam's life took a transformative turn. Guided by our dedicated mentors, Sam transcended her own expectations.

She earned a spot in a venture-backed accelerator and ultimately created a company behind her wildest dreams: Uplift360, an innovative materials company partnering with the Ministry of Defence to revolutionise the circular economy.

"I had no idea how much deeper I would need to think. Under the mentorship of Pam, everything I was doing changed for the better. I cannot encourage people enough to come to Inspiration Space, I owe them so much."

meet caroline

She was grappling with fear, confusion and isolation too.

Caroline knows her stuff. Before taking the leap to work for herself, she had a long track record of success as a leader in sales.

A true self-starter, Caroline had tried various methods to grow her business, including name brand courses, mentorship, personal development work, and workshops.

Yet, she couldn't find the breakthrough she needed.
It seemed her business was stuck, and her goals were out of reach. Until she started New Beginnings.

In just 90 days, she gained clarity, confidence and focus, "Everything I tried in the past kept me stuck in the same place. This works!"

Invest in your success

the solution you've waiting for

Stop throwing mud against the wall.
Start New Beginnings.

Transform your business and overcome obstacles to reach new heights.
It's simple, but not easy. All it takes is 90-days to grow beyond what you think is possible.

Action-Based Learning
Transform theory into practice with hands-on learning experiences.
Proven Resources
Use tried and tested tools that speed up your progress.
Learn and collaborate within an inclusive and supportive group.
1:1 Mentorship
Work with seasoned mentors throughout your journey.
go from great to unstoppable

Help to Grow With a Difference

New Beginnings is how you breakthrough without burning out and create a plan to supercharge your business.


Start Smart

Minimise costly mistakes by leveraging New Beginnings' 7,000-hour perfected cohort-based delivery, designed to help you launch or pivot your business quickly with clarity and confidence.

Learn Fast and Grow

Created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, gain practical, adaptable skills that you can use and reuse as your business evolves.


Proven Four-Step Process

Design or re-design your product or service to ensure it caters to your customers' needs.

This is how you minimise the cost of learning through mistakes and set your business up for success.

Test and Validate

Verify your ideas with real customers before investing resources, and accelerate your business with focus, confidence, and a supportive network.

Reignite your most powerful asset - YOU - and see your business grow within 90 days of consistent effort.

"Life-changing and utterly empowering" - Aga Kehinde

Read on to discover more inspiring journeys from our trailblazing alumni...

"New Beginnings gives you energy. The community kept me motivated. It was reassuring to know other people were experiencing similar challenges too."

- Lucie Baratte, Logology
"New Beginnings' structured program was amazing. Seeing my business mates on-screen every Thursday morning was a highlight of my week."

- Hannah Martin, Scent + Remedy
the curriculum

Your path to success

Four phases, weekly workshops and regular 1:1 calls with our in-house experts.


Fire Up Your Imagination

Create a vision for your future and a 12-month "Breakthrough Plan." Work 1:1 with your mentor to set ambitious targets and create a plan to accelerate your success.


Step Into Your Customers Shoes

Step into your customers' world and uncover their top three needs, ensuring your business offers valuable solutions. This is how you avoid the mistake of creating something that no one wants.


Tailor Your Offer

Design or re-design your product or service to ensure it caters to your customers' needs. This is how you minimise the cost of learning through mistakes and set your business up for success.


Find Your Force

With a strong foundation in place, devise a go-to-market strategy built on your strengths that will reach your target audience and make a lasting impact.

A well-crafted go-to-market is how you launch smoothly, use your resources wisely, stand out from competitors and accelerate revenue growth.

created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

Your New Beginnings Guides

Experienced mentors and subject matter experts guide you along your journey

Liana fricker

Throughout your journey you'll be guided by Liana Fricker, Founder and Inspirer-in-Chief. Over the course of 12-weeks, we'll support you and give you everything you need to build a profitable, purpose-driven and sustainable business.

Nigel Scarfe

Nigel, your in-house mentor & Oxford Innovation-accredited coach, is a board-level leader. With vast experience in growing businesses, he tackles wicked problems, guiding you on all things funding, sales and sustainable revenue growth.

Pamela Iannotti

Pam, another in-house mentor, is a portfolio entrepreneur & retired VC specialising in early-stage biotech & renewable energy. Pam fuels your ambition and business growth by assisting you in innovation and re-imagining your customer.

pretthi sundaram
brain trust

Preethi Sundaram, International Marketing Director at Vimeo & founder of Possible Ground, has experience with LinkedIn & Google. You'll meet Preethi when she assists you in perfecting your strategic narrative during Phase Four: Find Your Force.

is new beginnings for me?

Our programme isn't for everyone.

New Beginnings is a perfect fit if you want help to grow and minimise risks and costly mistakes.

It's designed for small business owners contemplating new ideas or pivots, freelancers aiming to stand out and raise their rates, aspiring founders and people focused on reducing the risks tied to their venture.

If you're open-minded, willing to explore new strategies and hungry for growth, New Beginnings is for you.

the inspiration space difference

New Beginnings is more than a course

New Beginnings is an investment in your future and requires dedication.
While instant success isn't guaranteed, we promise to save you time, money, and energy.
Built on years of experience, our strategies help you avoid common pitfalls.
Commit wholeheartedly and witness real results.

Are you ready to go beyond what you think is possible?

As a founder, I know how frustrating isolation, uncertainty, and unsolicited advice can be.

We developed this programme with expert entrepreneurs to make starting a business easier, less overwhelming and fun.

No DIY lessons or Instagram gurus. Say goodbye to chaos and overwhelm. Say hello to clarity and progress.  

Join us if you're ready to go beyond what you think is possible.

- Liana Fricker, Founder & Inspirer-in-Chief

secure your space

Invest in your success

Pay £1297 (incl. VAT) Pay in full

Flexible Payment options
Pay £420 (inc. VAT) per month over 4 months

Grid style layout with pictures of Inspiration Space members and Alumni

Become a net-zero hero in only 1.5 days.

Pay in full for New Beginnings and get a free spot on the Low Carbon Accelerator. Gain Carbon Literacy Trust accreditation with a 1.5-day program. Learn net-zero terminology, avoid greenwashing and create a credible carbon reduction plan.

"I enjoyed group discussions and learning from others' actions. We also secured £25K funding from LoCASE to improve energy efficiency in our new office."

We stand by our results

Don't take our word for it – this is real people have to say.

“I’m so glad I joined. IS helped me create a fresher and more creative approach to our Go-To-Market strategy.”
Nibi Lawson
Kinky Apothecary
“It's so helpful to look at the bigger picture including vision for my own life, not just the business!”
Mel Hemmings
Bare + Fair
“I’ve learned how to steer my business through the constant winds of change.”
Lightbox Coaching
Everything before kept me stuck. Now, I'm moving forward with clarity and confidence. This works!
Caroline Kay
Nought to Ninety
I love going through each other's businesses. I make so much progress during this together.
Sara Ramos
Learning Day
New Beginnings gives energy. It's reassuring people were experiencing similar challenges.
Lucie Baratte

Frequently asked questions.

Who is New Beginnings for?

New Beginnings is for aspiring entrepreneurs who want guidance and support as they start their own businesses. It's designed for startup founders, entrepreneurs with ideas or ongoing projects, small business owners, and freelancers who want to test their new business ideas before building, and anyone trying to minimise the risks associated with their new venture.

However, it's not for entrepreneurs who are uninterested in starting a business or seeking a quick fix. Additionally, it's not for those who are not willing to fully commit and put in the work or those who prefer DIY courses over an in-depth, hands-on program.

I'm a freelancer - will I be out of place?

Absolutely not! New Beginnings is a safe, judgement-free zone for all entrepreneurs, including freelancers, visionaries, makers, creators, side hustlers, business owners, and introverts. It's a place to build confidence and learn new skills, with a warm welcome for everyone.

Freelancers can benefit from New Beginnings by gaining access to 1:1 mentorship and world-renowned tools to help them reach their extraordinary potential. The program can help them differentiate themselves, raise prices, and explore opportunities hidden in plain sight.

Additionally, they can join a thriving community of entrepreneurs to network with and get feedback from daily.

I want to change my career, can New Beginnings help me?

Yes, we are here for you.

If you're facing work disruption due to burnout, experiencing job instability or uncertainty, struggling with the balance of career goals with caring responsibilities, we've got you.

Many entrepreneurs begin their journey after an unexpected change such as redundancy.
Life and career challenges are often a catalyst for you finally finding your purpose and doing your greatest work - we show you how.

One client who joined New Beginnings after being made redundant during their maternity leave increased their income by 250% in 3 months while working with us.

How long is the New Beginnings program and how many hours are required?

New Beginnings is a 12-week programme that includes live learning, 1:1 mentorship and peer support.

At Inspiration Space, we learn by doing. You'll have access to live 2-hour workshops and 1:1 mentoring or peer group learning for an additional hour each week. We recommend budgeting about 3 hours each week, but like most things, you get what you put out of New Beginnings.

Our live online workshops are full of energy and opportunities to network with the group. In addition, our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and expert mentors are always available to help you break through specific challenges. And with bitesize lessons and on-demand resources, you'll save time and money on guesswork.

Does New Beginnings only cater to women founders?

We welcome all types of entrepreneurs, including women founders, men founders, and non-binary founders. At Inspiration Space, we believe in creating an inclusive and diverse community that supports everyone in achieving their extraordinary potential and business goals.

How is the course structured?

New Beginnings teaches you by doing, with weekly live workshops that last two hours, and access to one hour of 1:1 mentoring or peer group learning. The program divides into phases, with a specific focus to help you start or grow your business.

Bitesize lessons and on-demand resources save time and money previously spent on guesswork. You'll engage with a community of entrepreneurs and experts and have plenty of opportunities to network.

I like the freedom working for myself.
Will New Beginnings pressure me to grow by hiring employees?

New Beginnings tailors to your vision for success and doesn't pressure you to grow your business by hiring employees.

The program supports your unique goals and values, whether you want to remain a "Company of One," expand your team or explore new revenue streams. Our 1:1 mentorship and world-renowned tools will help you achieve your goals on your terms.

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