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Autumn Statement Live: tune-in for the inside scoop!

news uk Nov 22, 2023

On 22nd November, Jeremy Hunt, Chancellor of the Exchequer, delivers the Autumn Statement.

Ever find yourself scratching your head after a big government announcement, thinking, "What on earth does that mean for me and my business?"

You're not the only one! And that's why you're invited to join Inspiration Space Founder, Liana Fricker, and a fab panel of small business owners and whizzes from Enterprise Nation for a live reaction session.

We're tuning in to every word the chancellor says, and you can catch all our hot takes live!

Bring your spicy opinions and passion for small businesses

Here's where the magic happens, from 12.30 PM on 22nd November: Join the live session.

Let's cross our fingers for some good news.

Not long after the chancellor wraps up, Enterprise Nation be dropping one of their super handy 'what small business owners need to know' guides.

You know the drill – all the key takeaways without any of the fluff.

So, are you in? Let's dissect this statement and see what it's got for us! 🚀💼


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