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Change How You Negotiate with These Expert Tips

mental fitness money mindset negotiation tips Aug 14, 2023

Learn why a collaborative approach to negotiation is the key to getting what you want.

We often perceive negotiations as battles we must win, especially when it comes to negotiating raises, promotions, or time off at work.

However, Ruchi Sinha, an organisational psychologist, challenges this outlook in her TED video from 'The Way We Work' series.

Ruchi Sinha


She believes negotiations are not about overpowering the other person, but about establishing a relationship and understanding both your and the other party's needs.

Keep reading for three tips and watch the bitesize lesson below.


Three pivotal steps to successful negotiations

Ruchi's approach to negotiation challenges traditional ideas, emphasising the importance of empathy, preparation, and emotional intelligence in the process.

Watch the bitesize lesson to pick up tips you can use to create mutually beneficial outcomes the next time you negotiate.



3 powerful steps

These insights will help you to transform your approach to negotiations and ensure you get what you want while maintaining strong professional relationships.

Do Your Research: Understanding the context of your request is critical. It's not enough to base your requests on past experiences or assumptions.

Prepare Mentally: Emotions are real and complex during negotiations. Accept that obstacles are a part of the process and anticipate how to overcome them.

Put Yourself in the Other Person's Shoes: Empathising with the other person's situation and potential challenges allows for balanced negotiations.

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