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Cindy Gallop: Breaking Barriers to Empower Women

bootstrapping founder stories unfinished business Mar 31, 2024

Meet Cindy Gallop, a trailblazing female entrepreneur. Learn how Cindy is breaking taboos to empower women in business, the bedroom and tech.


F*ck the Fear and Fly with Cindy Gallop, Founder of Make Love Not Porn


A Force for Change

Cindy Gallop, the founder of Make Love Not Porn (MLNP), is a pioneer in the world of startups and sex tech.

The former advertising executive has devoted her life to shattering taboos and encouraging open conversations about sex, consent, and healthy relationships.

Yet, despite her international reputation, over 2 million TED Talk views, and high-profile connections, she has encountered challenges in raising funds for her startup, Make Love Not Porn.


The Birth of Make Love Not Porn

Cindy's startup, Make Love Not Porn, is a platform designed to counter the negative impact of pornography on society.

It showcases real-world, consensual, and communicative sex to help people understand and embrace healthy sexual values and behaviour.

MLNP aims to change the cultural context around sex and create a more inclusive, diverse, and consent-driven environment.


Overcoming Obstacles in the Sex Tech Industry

As a sex tech startup led by a woman of colour, MLNP faces hurdles in securing funding from traditional sources.

Cindy highlights the gender bias that plagues the industry, with only a fraction of venture capital going to female-founded startups.

Banking and payment processor restrictions and advertising bans on social media platforms:

"I represent the quadruple whammy of being a female, an older woman of colour, and having a sex tech business. Every piece of business infrastructure that other tech startups take for granted is not available to us."

Cindy's Top Tip for Female Founders

Cindy Gallop's journey, filled with determination and resilience, serves as a shining example for aspiring female entrepreneurs.

By pushing boundaries and creating conversations, she is paving the way for a more inclusive, diverse, and empowered future in the world of startups and beyond.

Cindy emphasises the importance of women unashamedly setting out to make an: "Absolute goddamn fucking shit tonne of money."

She believes that by doing so, women can empower themselves, support other women and create their own financial ecosystems to break the barriers that hold them back.


F*ck the Fear and Fly

Want to dive deeper into Cindy Gallop's inspiring journey and learn more about Make Love Not Porn?

Tune in to Unfinished Business: F*ck the Fear and Fly, hosted by Liana Fricker, Founder of Inspiration Space.

In this captivating episode, Liana explores Cindy's mission to break taboos and promote open conversations about sex, consent, and healthy relationships.

You'll discover how Cindy's unwavering determination and bold approach are revolutionising the way we think about sex, startups, and female empowerment.

A masterclass and mentoring all rolled into one, you won't miss out on this exclusive conversation. Take a listen below 👇


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