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February: The Lost Month of Rest and Rejuvenation

founder wellbeing mental fitness notes from a founder Feb 01, 2024

Still searching for your “New Year” groove? This message is for you. Keep reading for a new perspective - and a brief history lesson.

Last February, while recovering from burnout, a barrage of emails hit my inbox, each relentlessly pulsing with the pressure of time. 

I was in the eye of a storm, pondering the madness of it all.

Today, I understand why I can't match the pace of everyone using the Briefcase App this time of year. 

Our modern lifestyles are out of tune with the Earth's natural rhythms. That's why it still doesn't FEEL like a ''new year'' to me.

This disconnection between our natural rhythms and the societal push for constant hustle is not just a figment of your imagination or a personal misalignment. 

It's a clash with a cycle that has governed human life long before the first email was ever sent or the first business course was launched.


Time: A Human Invention


Calendars. These grids divide our lives into manageable portions of responsibilities and deadlines.

But what if I told you that this relentless march of days, weeks, and months is merely a human construct. 

Our artificial timekeeping systems try to align with the universe's natural movement - and because of technology, we're out of synch and too sped up. 



Flashback: When March Marked the New Year


Under the Roman calendar, March marked the beginning of the year. Armies marched, farmers sowed, and sailors set sail - all in tune with the natural rhythm of life.

January and February? They were just a winter break, a pause similar to the Christmas and New Year period, but extended over two months.

Then came Numa Pompilius, the calendar reformer, who upended tradition by slotting January and February at the year's start. 

February is historically and naturally a time for cleansing and preparation; it is not the time to rush. In fact, February is derived from ''februum,'' a nod to purification. 

Without the Romans' calendar reform, February would be the end of the year, and March would usher in new beginnings.


A Call to Arms (or Rather, to Rest)


February offers a moment to stop, think, and strategise with clarity. 

It's a time when the under-supported and overstimulated entrepreneur can find solace and renew their strength.

Here's to finding your pace in the pause, to embracing the stillness before the leap. 

Because sometimes the most revolutionary act is simply standing still - or, even better, taking a nap. 


Stay awesome,


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