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Growth Hack: The Newsletter Path to Influencer Engagement

bootstrapping digital marketing email marketing influencer marketing marketing top tips Apr 13, 2024

Influencers can significantly impact your business growth. Yet, connecting with them can be challenging due to the flood of unsolicited messages they receive daily. So, how can you stand out? The key lies in the influencer's newsletters.


The Newsletter Advantage

Instead of diving directly into their DMs, start by subscribing to an influencer's newsletter. It serves a dual purpose: you familiarise yourself with their content, perspectives, and voice, while also setting the stage for meaningful interaction.

Newsletters, unlike social media feeds, provide a more intimate channel for communication. Influencers often welcome responses to their newsletters, presenting an opportune moment for you to initiate contact.

Replying directly to an influencer's newsletter shows your genuine interest in their work and increases the likelihood of your message being noticed amongst the clutter of cold DMs.


Maintaining Authenticity

When engaging with an influencer via their newsletter, remember to be authentic. Introduce yourself, appreciate their work, and discuss their content.

Keeping your message brief yet meaningful can spark a conversation that paves the way for a casual relationship or even potential structured collaborations like influencer marketing.

This approach cuts through the noise of cold DMs, demonstrating your genuine interest and respect for the influencer's work.

It's through these personal, targeted interactions that fruitful relationships with influencers are born.

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