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Hot Off the Press: Hampton's 2024 AI & Business Report

ai bootstrapping news strategy trends May 01, 2024

Research from Hampton, a private network for Millennial and GenZ Founders and Creators with average revenues $23M, sheds light on how early adopters are utilising AI. Let's explore the results.

While 37% acknowledge AI will reduce future hiring, they remain cautious about using AI for customer data, HR, and creative tasks, noting that Strategy, Consulting, Account Management, and Sales will be least impacted due to their need for a human touch.



Why it Matters

These insights offer a signal of how some of the fastest, creative, and uber-profitable bootstrappers are using (or not using) AI to grow.

For all intents and purposes, Hampton is the embodiment of Malcolm Gladwell's book, The Tipping Point.

They run or have successfully exited media companies, digital products, and cool consumer brands.

Understanding where they are hesitant to use AI provides insight into ways freelancers, consultants, and small businesses can innovate to differentiate themselves.


Your Next Step

Evaluate how AI can free you up from routine tasks, allowing you to concentrate on strategic, creative roles where human touch is essential.

At the same time, invest time to understand the social and environmental implications of AI adoption - which is becoming increasingly more important as part of ESG.

For example, Salesforce advocate for more regulation and transparency on AI emissions, as part of their mission to lead sustainability within tech.

For those who understand the spiderweb of sustainability, considered use of AI will improve your efficiency and help you create a value proposition that aligns with the net-zero and ESG goals of large companies.

Need Inspiration?

Read the Hampton Report to find out which tools move the needle, opportunities and risks. 

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