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Hub Marketing - The Ultimate DIY Hack

bootstrapping marketing Oct 09, 2023

We're OBSESSED with all things Hub Marketing.

This way of marketing is certainly not new. However, it has been brilliantly explained by Tad Hargrave, also known as Marketing for Hippies.

This approach helps you focus your DIY outreach efforts for ease AND maximised reach.

📺 Watch the video for an in-depth understanding and real-world examples…Key points are below 👇



What is a Hub?

A "hub" is a well-connected and respected individual or entity in your target market. They have the power to efficiently influence and reach your intended audience.


Two qualities of an effective hub:

1. Well-connected: Has an extensive network in your target market and stays in touch with them regularly.

2. Well-respected: Holds credibility and is discerning about what or whom they endorse.


Why does it matter?

By connecting with the right hubs, you amplify your marketing efforts exponentially. For example, if you're a realtor focusing on dog owners in Seattle, identify hubs in dog communities and collaborate with them.


Common mistakes

  • Not defining your niche before identifying a hub
  • Ignoring the importance of credibility 


Final thoughts

Hubs can serve as an invaluable gateway to your target market.

The strategy is particularly powerful when you've clearly defined your niche.


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