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News You Can Use: Human-Centric Experiences Boom

news strategy Mar 27, 2024
A collage showing Rebel Patch's upcycled collection. In this image a person customizing a denim jacket with unique, colorful floral patterns—stitching details by hand and using a sewing machine for embellishments.

While AI-generated content is on the rise, the appeal of human creativity endures. 

According to Trends by Hubspot, bookclubs, upcycling and experiences are booming. The handicrafts market will be worth $2T by 2032.



Rebel Patch: Making Home by Amber Bardell



Why it matters

There's a deeper need for personal expression and connection in a world increasingly run by algorithms.

Entrepreneurs who tap into the desire for human experiences, inspiration and creativity will find it easier to differentiate and build niche brands.


Your next step

Use this cultural shift as an opportunity to slow down by design. A non-digital approach can help you do more with less, differentiate and become unforgettable in the eyes of your clients and customers. 


Need inspiration?

Check out Rebel Patch. Created by Lisa Matzi (New Beginnings #6) in collaboration with artists, Rebel Patch re-invents the classic iron on patch, in a more fun and sustainable way. 

Upcycling goes beyond  "mindfulness as repair." It's an expression of individuality at a time when fast-fashion which has made everyone look the same. 

Want to cover up unsightly logos? There's a patch for that.

Need to repair with ease? Rebel Patch has you covered.

Have a high-street classic you've fallen out of love with? Give it a new lease of life and save it from landfill. Bookmark the website so you can browse the store.


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