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Renewable Creativity: Motivation Tips for Founders

braingym mental fitness productivity professional development Feb 28, 2024

Are you struggling to reignite your creativity? Fear not, we've got you covered with these five easy ways to give it a boost.

As a small business owner or startup, creativity is essential to developing new ideas and solutions to problems. But finding the inspiration needed to be creative can be challenging. When your mind is drained and creativity is lacking, here are some things you can try to get over the hump.

Explore 🧭

In business and in life, it's important to try new things. That means that when you feel like there's nothing new to try, that's when you should start looking.

Explore your city, find a new favourite restaurant, or even take a different route to work!

Not only will you be more likely to find inspiration in those new experiences, but they'll also give you a chance to meet new people and make connections.

Lead with your curiosity 🔍

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be daunting. But leading with curiosity can help you control your fear and open you up to an infinite stream of possibilities.

Let your brain wander down information rabbit holes as you try to fill gaps in your knowledge, and you may be pleasantly surprised at the ideas your curiosity helps you uncover.

Be open 🫶

Ideas are swirling around us all the time. But, they only exist until someone grasps them and makes them a reality.

Pay attention to those 'lightbulb moments' and permit yourself to explore them without expectation or judgment.

Make wishes ✨

In 1968, George Land conducted a study that revealed only 30% of 10-year-olds displayed the same creativity level at age 5.

According to creativity expert Michael Michalko, "There is a clear relationship between wishful thinking and creativity.

Remember those colourful answers you gave as a child when asked "What do you wish you could do?" Bring that creativity back into your life.

You are more likely to have a creative idea when you wish than when your thinking is extremely intellectual. Wishes help us deliberately oversimplify.

This tactic has a long and distinguished history in science and the arts." As adults, we tend to become too sensible in our thinking, which can limit our horizons.

Take a break 😌

The pressure to constantly churn out ideas has the opposite effect - your creative well will run dry.

By letting yourself relax for a bit, you'll give your mind some downtime to connect and develop new ideas.

For example, a study by Stanford University found that walking boosts creative output by an average of 60%. So, if you're feeling uninspired, take a break and the inspiration will find you guaranteed.

Whether you're brainstorming new marketing campaigns, fresh content ideas for your blog, or ways to improve your customer service experience, finding inspiration can be a challenge.

Remember these tips and keep them handy when you find your creativity needs a little boost.


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