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Pricing Strategies for Consultants, Coaches and Experts

money mindset pricing strategy top tips Apr 06, 2024

Unsure about your pricing? Check out this 30-minute ‘Lunch & Learn’ session with Business Coach, Karen Skidmore.

During this webinar hosted by Enterprise Nation, learn four ways to decide on pricing for ease. She also discusses the role of feelings, thoughts and reason in pricing.


Episode 83: Making the most of midlife with Karen Skidmore - Magnificent  Midlife


Karen has 25 years in business and has run her own coaching firms for nearly 20 years. She's overcome burnout and knows how to succeed.


What’s in it for you?

  • Find the ideal pricing balance
  • Make pricing simpler with the right strategy
  • Learn the secret of feelings, thoughts and reason in pricing
  • Learn how to aim for 60% profit - the ideal level to grow your business and the risks of pricing too low or too high.


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