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How to recover from business heartbreak

founder stories mental fitness Sep 21, 2023

You poured your heart and soul into it, but now the business has closed, or it was for the best that you to move on. Jayne Carmichael-Norrie shares her advice on how to recover from business heartbreak.

Often when things are not going to plan, you are generous and give the benefit of the doubt. Nobody wants to bow out at the first sign of trouble:

  • "Sales are down, but they'll recover I'm sure"
  • "I'll dip into my own money to keep the cashflow going for now"
  • "Things aren't great right now but I'm sure they'll sort it"
  • "There are red flags and things that don't feel right, but something is stopping me from calling it out"

I want to reach out to people who are hurting.

It's not easy when you pour your heart and soul into something, only to see it become something that gives you more anxiety than when you began.

The whole experience is heart-breaking, and you have every right to feel heart-broken.

A significant reason why a lot of people don't go into business, is because they can't cope with the unpredictability.

What is often not discussed at all, is coping with the heart-break.

When you try so incredibly hard, you feel your heart has burst open.

Your heart and soul, and your work, become inextricably linked.

Yes, this dynamic, of losing yourself in your work and your business, can be incredibly unhealthy.

But if you are anything like me, you struggle to maintain a separation from business goals, the desire to help people, creating ideas for the business, and your business becoming a reflection of who you are.

I am here to say you are not weird to feel upset, you are grieving.

You should give yourself time to grieve for what you have lost.

Make sure you also give yourself credit for what you have achieved

Generosity of spirit, understanding and willingness to listen. You listened to your own thoughts and acted upon them, you also held a space for people to make it right.

You created something out of nothing; you conceived of an idea and made it real.

That is a goddamn superpower. Remember you also gave grace and understanding; you had patience and perseverance and you gave it your all.


You have so many reasons to be proud...

There will be days you don't feel it, but remember :-

- Nobody on the world thinks like you. As Beyonce says, you are Unique 😘

- You create things from nothing. You start from zero, then POOF 🗯 your genius starts a thing that has never existed before.

- You spot potential from a mile off. That's why you can take action where others don't, because it's so obvious to you that there is a need / demand


Tips to finish this week...


🤗 giving yourself a hug

✅ giving yourself the credit you deserve

🎉 Dream big,

➡️ Keep going x



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