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Struggling to Articulate Your Offer? Watch This...

marketing Oct 16, 2023

If you've ever grappled with articulating what exactly it is you're offering, you're not alone. The challenge often lies in crafting an offer that speaks to your unique niche.

📺 Watch the video for an in-depth understanding and real-world examples from two Inspiration Space businesses, Pirus Health and Rebel Patch…


Three Components of a Niche

A niche is not just who you serve, but also what you offer and how you offer it.

1. Who: Identify your ideal clients or customers.

2. What: Specify the service or product you offer.

3. How: Describe your unique approach or method.

Adapt as needed to stay relevant.




Rebel Patch

Who: Creative Makers (Hobby), Designers & Artists (vocation), and Culture X Sustainability Activists.

What: Makes and sells patches.

How: Through DTC & retail partnerships, community collaborations, and accessible tools for self-expression for behaviour change (delivered via content & experiences).

Rebel Patch's niche isn't just the 'who', which is a diverse creative community.

It's also the 'what', unique patches, and the 'how', a multi-channel approach including DTC, retail partnerships, and community collaborations.


Pirus Health

Who: Lean teams in Clinical Development and Startups x Innovation in Health who think like the founder, Lindsay Perera.

What: Consultancy services in the healthcare industry.

How: A holistic 'person-centred' approach based on 20 years of experience in Customer & End User Experience, with values like empathy, partnership, compassion, authenticity, and a results-driven, coaching approach.

For Pirus Health, the 'who' is specific teams in healthcare, but the 'how' is equally important: a unique, holistic, person-centred approach based on extensive experience and specific values.


Common Mistakes

- Focusing solely on 'who' can lead to a narrow view.

- Not adapting your niche in a changing market can be detrimental.

Rebel Patch and Pirus Health have niches defined by a combination of who they serve, what they offer, and how they offer it.

This makes them adaptable and distinct in their respective markets.


Additional Insights

- Sometimes, your unique approach or personality is the niche.

- Some customers are drawn to the 'how' or 'what', not just solving a specific problem.


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