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Sustainability Skills-Gap Grows Amongst Marketers

carbon literacy digital marketing marketing strategy sustainability Apr 21, 2024

A concerning trend has emerged from a recent global survey by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA): 35% of marketers admit to a shaky grasp of sustainability issues, a significant increase from the 20% reported two years ago.

This knowledge gap presents serious business risks, including the potential for damaging 'greenwashing' accusations and a new phenomenon known as 'greenhushing' — a reluctance to release sustainability-focused marketing material due to lack of confidence or understanding.


Why it matters 👉 With 90% of companies acknowledging the importance of sustainability in their marketing strategy, those without the right knowledge and credentials risk being left behind in meeting the escalating demand for sustainable marketing.

Freelancers, consultants, and agency owners who demonstrate carbon literacy alongside a commitment to ESG practices are viewed as future-focused and resilient.


Pay attention to 👀 - Upskilling in Carbon Literacy has never been more critical. The risk to your business and reputation is real. Seek out relevant training and stay informed about new regulations.

Remember, your understanding of these issues can greatly impact your brand's credibility, potentially opening the door to new business opportunities and limiting accusations of greenwashing.

Source: Raconteur 


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