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The Green Economy: Explained

carbon literacy net-zero sustainability Sep 04, 2023

The green economy is presenting unique opportunities for businesses to thrive while addressing climate change.

Joe Ahern, Head of Policy and Consulting at WPI Economics, highlights the rapid growth of the green economy and the vast array of possibilities it offers.

Joe provides regional examples:

"In the Northeast, we have industrial clusters that need decarbonisation and opportunities for transitioning into greener industrial sectors such as offshore wind, carbon capture storage, and hydrogen. In central London, we face challenges around air quality and decarbonising massive commercial buildings."


Upskilling for a Sustainable Future

As demand for environmentally conscious talent grows, businesses must future-proof their operations by embracing the green economy and upskilling their workforce.

Solutions like SageEarth and Hero by Small99 are helping small businesses navigate the complex landscape of sustainability, while Carbon Literacy training equips individuals with the knowledge to contribute to global sustainability efforts.


Carbon Literacy: Beyond Climate Science

Sustainability expert and Carbon Literacy Trainer, Farah Lodi, emphasises that Carbon Literacy goes beyond climate science.

It's about future-proofing communities by considering social values, co-benefits, and climate justice, aiming to tackle disparities and create opportunities for all.

Farah believes Carbon Literacy training is key to achieving balance between wellbeing, social values, and planetary sustainability. As Farah puts it:

“We can't make dramatic changes overnight, but we can start the process of building a better future.”


Transforming Perspectives on Sustainability

Liana Fricker, Founder of Inspiration Space, likens Carbon Literacy to the "red pill" that inspires people to make changes in their lives, promoting sustainability and circularity.

"Carbon Literacy completely transformed my perspective on sustainability. We created our Low Carbon Accelerator programme to support founders like myself who know they need to do something, but aren't sure where or how to start."

Liana shares how she felt empowered and driven to make changes in her life after attending her first workshop, adopting an air fryer and a composter to minimise food waste and energy consumption. "That's the beauty of Carbon Literacy - it inspires people to take action immediately."


Missed the live conversation? Check out the replay

The insights and information in this article were drawn from a live conversation between Liana Fricker, Founder and Inspirer-in-Chief at Inspiration Space, Joe Ahern, Head of Policy and Consulting at WPI Economics, and Farah Lodhi, Advocacy Officer at The Carbon Literacy Project and experienced sustainability consultant.

To view the replay of this engaging and informative discussion on the opportunities and challenges of the green economy, and the role of education and training in building a sustainable future, press play below...

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