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The Rule of Three: Copywriting Hacks for Sales

bootstrapping copywriting marketing Jul 27, 2023

Achieving an increase in sales requires smart strategies, and one such effective tactic is using the "rule of three" in your messaging.

It's a common mistake to overwhelm potential customers with an abundance of reasons to select your product, resulting in an undesired outcome - they may retreat.

The goal is to assert your value subtly, and this is where the rule of three comes into play.

Keep reading to find out why it works plus 10 examples you can swipe.


Understanding the rule of three

The rule of three asserts that your sales messaging should consist of three salient selling points - no more, no less.

This strategic choice is backed by research that indicates three positive claims are optimal when marketing a product.

Having less than three could render your pitch less persuasive, whereas more than three could make it seem like a hard sell, fostering skepticism.

Three selling points, however, strike a balance by demonstrating a pattern without creating the impression of overselling - whether it's a landing page, an advertisement, a presentation, or any other form of marketing communication.


Balancing information load

But what happens if you feel that three points are simply not enough to cover your product's advantages?

If this is the case, it's crucial to avoid sounding too salesy. Consider presenting any additional selling points as secondary information, preferably in a less conspicuous location, thereby preventing information overload.

The exception: An important exception to this rule arises when the information comes from a neutral party, such as testimonials. In this scenario, it might actually be more beneficial to present more than three positive claims.


Swipe These Rule of Three Examples

Here are ten examples of how to apply the rule of three to your sales messaging:

  1. For a travel agency: "Explore, Relax, and Create Memories."
  2. For a bakery: "Fresh, Delicious, and Made with Love."
  3. For a software solution: "Efficient, User-friendly, and Secure."
  4. For a fitness app: "Track, Train, and Transform."
  5. For a car dealership: "Reliable, Affordable, and Stylish."
  6. For a health supplement: "Natural, Effective, and Safe."
  7. For a financial consultant: "Plan, Invest, and Grow."
  8. For a clothing brand: "Comfortable, Fashionable, and Sustainable."
  9. For an online course platform: "Learn, Practice, and Excel."
  10. For a home decor store: "Chic, Durable, and Affordable."


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