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Create Clickable Copy with 'S'

bootstrapping copywriting digital marketing marketing top tips Aug 10, 2023

This small modification significantly boosts your writing. Learn how to use and grab 10 examples you can swipe.

As a bootstrapping founder, wearing multiple hats is part of your job description, and mastering the art of copywriting is no exception.

Small modifications in your copy can have an enormous impact on your performance.

A particularly potent yet subtle technique is integrating an "s" into the verb of your headlines.

Keep reading to learn how to use it, plus 10 examples you can swipe.


Simple and Effective

Adding an "s" to the verb in your headlines can remarkably increase their efficacy.

This seemingly minor adjustment carries the potential to dramatically improve your audience engagement and conversion rates, ultimately boosting the overall performance of your bootstrapped venture.

Headlines are crucial for attracting leads, and their power can be amplified by employing this simple strategy.

A striking case in point is an ad campaign for music lessons, which experienced a three-fold increase in leads when the tagline was altered from "Put music in your life" to "Puts music in your life".


Why does it work?

The addition of "s" to the verb "put" implied a benefit to the reader.

Rather than assigning a task to the reader (i.e., put), the transformed headline subtly communicated an effortless gain.

This tweak holds universal effectiveness, extending from ad campaigns to landing pages and book titles.

To implement this in your copy, simply append an "s" to your headline's verb, and conduct an A/B test.

Here are 10 examples showcasing the subtle but impactful change when an 's' is added to the verb in the headline:

  1. "Discover your potential" changes to "Discovers your potential"
  2. "Build your dream house" changes to "Builds your dream house"
  3. "Empower your career" changes to "Empowers your career"
  4. "Create a healthy lifestyle" changes to "Creates a healthy lifestyle"
  5. "Transform your finances" changes to "Transforms your finances"
  6. "Elevate your performance" changes to "Elevates your performance"
  7. "Recharge your energy" changes to "Recharges your energy"
  8. "Boost your confidence" changes to "Boosts your confidence"
  9. "Improve your productivity" changes to "Improves your productivity"
  10. "Optimise your workouts" changes to "Optimises your workouts"

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