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How to Create Infinite Possibilities with the 'Yes, And' Method

braingym mental fitness productivity professional development Oct 09, 2023

Discover how this improv technique can help you generate new ideas and opportunities for your small business or startup.

As a founder, you know the importance of finding the right people and ideas to support your business.

But sometimes, it can be hard to take that first step. That's where the 'Yes, And' method comes in - a technique used in improv that can lead you to new possibilities and opportunities.

Take the story of Ayse Birsel, an award-winning designer, and Liana Fricker, founder of Inspiration Space.

They met as speakers at the Happy Startup School Summercamp, where Ayse needed a ride to the event and Liana volunteered to pick her up despite not knowing her.

Ayse Birsel and Liana Fricker: Speakers at Summercamp 2022


On their way to the event, they got lost, and that experience brought them closer together. As Ayse recalls:

"Liana and I met because we were both speakers at the Happy Startup School Summercamp and soon became fast friends. During our road trip to camp, we realised that we're both introverts and would never have done something like that normally. But part of the Summercamp experience is pushing yourself out of your comfort zone,"

Liana adds, "Ayse needed a lift. And I thought, 'oh, I can think of nothing worse than driving with a stranger in the car. I've never met.'

Ayse chimes in, "My feelings exactly." 

Liana continues, "So, I was like, I'll do it. And so I picked Ayse up in a hired Fiat 500, and off we went to Kent, and I couldn't figure out how to get the Sat Nav working. And it was just absolute shenanigans going the way down there. And we just very soon became fast friends."

Ayse reflects on how that experience brought them closer together:

"Liana and I got lost and ended up in a field. The number of roundabouts that we went round up backwards and forwards. We went in someone's driveway and were like, is this it? Liana and I had a great road trip, and Liana's talk at Summercamp was unbelievable. So inspiration embodied, and that was really cool. Just that was worth the trip." 

Why is the 'Yes, And' Method a Powerful Tool for Entrepreneurs?

It's not just a technique for improvisation; it's a valuable currency for success. The method creates a space where anything is possible, enabling individuals to build on each other's ideas and create something exceptional.

Ayse encourages entrepreneurs to keep an open mind and seek new experiences, finding inspiration in the world around them. In fact, the 'Yes, And' method and Effectuation share a common emphasis on collaboration and building on others' ideas, creating collaborative partnerships to achieve a shared vision.

Effectuation is a logic of entrepreneurial expertise that can help reduce failure costs for entrepreneurs. Great entrepreneurs across industries, geographies, and time use a common logic, or thinking process, to solve entrepreneurial problems.

For Liana and Ayse, 'Yes, And' has become a part of their shared experience. Ayse believes in working with friends and becoming friends with people you work with, sharing experiences, knowledge and resources to achieve more together.

Liana and Ayse encourage entrepreneurs to push themselves out of their comfort zones, using the 'Yes, And' method to connect with people, learn from others and share experiences.

By embracing the "Yes, And" method, entrepreneurs can step outside their comfort zones, take risks and build stronger relationships with collaborators and peers.

As Ayse and Liana discovered, it's often in the most unexpected situations that we find the people and ideas that can transform our businesses.


The 'Yes, And' Method is for Work & Life

It can be applied in many areas of life. By listening to others and building on their ideas, we can create a more collaborative and supportive community.

As Liana explains, "We need to bring people together, to create that environment where people can share, learn and grow. That's what Inspiration Space is all about."

Liana and Ayse's friendship and work together is an example of how the 'Yes, And' method can lead to a more fulfilling and impactful life.

So, if you're looking for new opportunities and ideas, why not give the 'Yes, And' method a try?

These two simple words can unlock infinite possibilities, enabling you to surround yourself with the right people and ideas.


Rabbit hole: 🕳️ 🐇: If you're intrigued by the power of the 'Yes, And' method, there's another tool that can help you take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level: mentorship.

As a founder, you can't achieve your goals alone. Mentors provide support, guidance, and feedback to help you navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

Want to learn more about how mentorship can enhance your 'Yes, And' approach? Check out our article on "Navigating the Mentorship Maze with Katherine Ray."

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