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William Adoasi: Creating timepieces with purpose

founder stories sustainability unfinished business Aug 28, 2023

Vitae London connects the dots between social good and luxury. Discover how each tick makes a difference thanks to William Adoasi, Vitae's founder.


William Adoasi, the founder of Vitae London, believes that luxury watches can do more than just tell the time – they can change lives.

With a strong commitment to social impact and a vision for a better future, William set out to create a watch company that not only designs elegant timepieces but also uses a portion of its proceeds to fund education for underprivileged children in Africa.

Born and raised in London, William's passion for social change, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, led to the establishment of Vitae London, a company that exemplifies the power of business as a force for good.

Keep reading for advice from William based on hard-won lessons from creating an ambitious and purposeful brand.

Purpose as a competitive advantage

Small business owners, startup founders, and 'Companies of One' might assume that purpose and innovation are reserved for major players like Apple, Netflix, and Amazon.

However, the reality is that a purposeful mission, conscientious environmental policies, and a touch of inspiration can drive growth and success for small businesses.

As an entrepreneur, it's crucial to consider not only your financial success but also the impact your company has on society and the environment.

Socially conscious businesses prioritise the well-being of the community and the environment in their decision-making processes, creating a positive impact while achieving financial success.

Such businesses have a unique ability to make a difference in the world beyond the products and services they sell.

According to William, "It's a win-win scenario. People align themselves with the type of business they want to support, and as a business, we're more driven knowing that as we scale, we're making more of an impact. Having a core purpose gives us true meaning behind everything we do."


William Adoasi, Founder of Vitae London. In 2020, William was recognised by Forbes as one of the top 25 "Leading British Businesspeople".


Building a brand with style and purpose

At the core of Vitae London is the mission to create positive change through the sale of luxury watches.

With every watch sold, a portion of the proceeds is directed towards funding education and providing resources for children in Africa.

To achieve this, Vitae London partners with NGOs and local organisations, ensuring that their efforts are targeted and effective.

This commitment to social impact not only sets the company apart from its competitors but also connects customers with a cause that transcends the purchase of a beautiful timepiece.

By choosing Vitae London, customers are investing in a brighter future for children in need, making each watch a symbol of hope and progress.



Over the course of building Vitae London, William has learned valuable lessons about creating a successful, purpose-driven brand.

He stresses the importance of building a strong brand identity, remaining authentic in your mission, and engaging with your target audience.

"The key thing for me was making sure the brand was strong, so I spent months and months perfecting our logo, making sure our mission statement was clear, and making sure we had a strong social media presence because I knew people would only buy into the product if they bought into the story and the brand."

Combining style with purpose is how William ensured Vitae London connected with the hearts and minds of their customers, while maintaining Vitae's core values and commitment to social change.

Richard Branson, Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo and pop stars such as Emeli Sande all proudly sport Vitae London's watches.

Embrace the 'Power of Purpose'

William's story is a testament to the power of building a brand with a purpose.

With over £1M in sales and social impact, William is proof that the power of entrepreneurship is the ability to create profit for good.

"It's about creating a legacy; it's about making an impact," he says.

The big lesson? By aligning your venture with a cause you're passionate about, you can create a meaningful connection with your customers, foster loyalty, and drive success for your business.

We've only scratched the surface. To take a deep dive into William's story and learn more about how he built Vitae London, listen to Unfinished Business: Shoot your Shot.

You'll learn that:

  • Perseverance and self-belief are crucial for overcoming obstacles and achieving success in entrepreneurship.
  • Being data-driven and constantly evolving your business model can lead to greater success and growth.
  • Embracing change and staying innovative are key to navigating an ever-changing business landscape.
  • Balancing work, life, and personal well-being is critical for success.

Plus so much more...A masterclass and mentoring all rolled into one, you won't miss out on this exclusive conversation.

So join us as we delve into William's inspiring story and explore the power of building a purpose-led brand.


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