7. Adapt..or Die with Kay Kukoyi Founder of Purposeful Group

Season #1 Episode #7

The story of Kay Kukoyi Founder of Purposeful Group

Whilst 50% of SMEs increased digital uptake during the pandemic, they still face several barriers that, if removed, would accelerate the digital transition. 

Kay shares her insights on preparing for the future, business in 2022 and beyond, why every company is a tech company now.

In this lesson you'll learn: 

  • Digitalisation of SMEs is fundamental in building inclusive and resilient economies and societies.
  • The gap between SMEs and larger companies strengthens the inequality among firms, and, in turn, people and places.
  • Because fewer SMEs train themselves or employees to improve their IT skills, compared with large companies, digital gaps with large firms persist and indeed are at risk of exponentially widening.

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