Speak to an advisor

5. Kindness is Your Competitive Advantage with Sally-Anne Stevens, Founder of B the Agency.

Season #1 Episode #5

The story of Sally-Anne Stevens, Founder and CEO of B the Agency. Sally-Anne started her business in 2003. Armed with a laptop from eBay and just enough money to pay the rent, she quit her job and flew. Nearly two decades on, Sally-Anne has built an international company where both people and brands thrive.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why being kind is a competitive advantage
  • What to look for in an advisor - and when to run like hell
  • The mistakes that are too expensive to make more than once

Unfinished Business: an accelerated lesson in entrepreneurship. In this podcast we'll talk to  inspiring founders who share the highs and lows of starting a company - and keeping it alive.

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