1. The Thrill of Physics with Illana Gambrill, Founder of DanceBox

Season #1 Episode #2

Welcome to Unfinished Business, a new podcast where we sit down with entrepreneurs who have overcome the challenges of starting a company, and the secrets to keeping it alive. Hosted by Liana Fricker, Founder and Inspirer-in-Chief at Inspiration Space, this is a masterclass and mentoring session all rolled into one.

In this episode of Unfinished Business, you'll meet Illana Gambrill, Founder of DanceBox. Illana is the perfect example of when a creative tour de force unlocks their inner entrepreneur. She started dancing at age 12 and by 18 was working as a pro, travelling the world with famous artists on tours and TV shows.

Yet, after years of shouldering the weight and pressure of being a professional dancer, Illana quit the industry to explore something new. And so, DanceBox was born. What started as a simple idea, adult dance classes, grew into a smash hit.

But when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Illana had to think on her feet and take a leap into the unknown.

In this episode you'll learn that:

  • Starting a business can be intimidating, but with support, you can navigate the highs and lows of working for yourself.
  • Utilising social media effectively is crucial for growing a business and connecting with potential customers.
  • Change can be difficult, but it's important to pursue your dreams and embrace a 'squiggly' career.
  • Balancing work, life, and personal well-being is critical for success.
  • Asking for help, prioritising marketing and finance, and focusing on your goals are all essential steps in starting a business.

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