Welcome to Unfinished Business by Inspiration Space. Hosted by Liana Fricker, Venture Catalyst & Inspirer-in-Chief

Season #1

Welcome to Unfinished Business, a new podcast created to remove the fear and intimidation of starting a business. Hosted by Liana Fricker, Founder of Inspiration Space, listen in to find out the secret to starting a business - and keeping it alive.

Learn from the wins and losses of trailblazers like Cindy Gallop, Founder of Make Love Not Porn, Wilfred-Emmanuel-Jones, Founder of The Black Farmer, William Adoasi, Founder of Vitae London and so many more.

Inspiration Space uses community-powered support to deliver extraordinary results. We open the door to a diverse and dynamic network of mentors, collaborators, investors and biz friends - relationships come first and business follows naturally from there.