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VC: A Financial Life Line? Or Mental Health Curse?

news trends venture capital Apr 30, 2024

Founder burnout is a significant risk to early stage investments. Despite this, 76% of Founders who spoke
to Sifted.eu report their VCs have negatively impacted their mental health.

Survey respondents also cited added pressure, blame culture and bullying behaviour by Venture Capitalists as contributing factors.


Why it Matters

Remember, your health and family should always be your priority. Founder burnout leads to a lack of focus and vision, which is be detrimental to the business - and your health. Founders are building for the long term - while VC's bet on several "horses" because they know 99% will fail, yet the "power law" means they only need ONE. 


Source: OpenVC


Your Next Step

If you're considering angel investment or VC, carefully evaluate if it's necessary or if there are better alternatives like increasing revenue, grants or loans.

If you're not sure about investment, start smart and seek help and advice. Communities like Inspiration Space provide help to grow, promote sustainable business practices and prioritise founder wellbeing.

Mental Fitness has been proven to improve resilience, confidence and decision making.

When you boost your mental muscles you can turn stress into strength and fatigue into focus - in just 15-minutes a day.

Need Inspiration? 

Look to entrepreneurs who successfully navigated startup challenges without VC funding or those who found supportive investors who nurtured their vision.

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